These New Star Wars Coats Are Fit For Command


I’ll be honest, the second I checked out Musterbrand’s website, I wanted EVERYTHING. Then I saw the Star Wars limited edition items and started planning a bank robbery (shh, don’t tell).

These Star Wars jackets and coats have amazing detail and the designs are sleek. The Sith coat, for example, has a gorgeous lining with a picture of the Death Star. Plus, everything but the Skywalker jacket are available in women’s sizes.

ladies sith coat

mens sith coat 3

ladies sith coat 2

mens sith coat 2

mens sith coat 4

ladies sith coat 3

ladies sith coat 4

mens sith coat 3


pilot 2

pilot 3

pilot 6

pilot 7

pilot 4


skywalker 2

skywalker 3

skywalker 4

Product Page: ($219.99 – $499.99)

(via The Kessel Runway)


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