Ringwraith Inspired Hood Cloak From ODD

If you had to choose a wardrobe item from Lord of the Rings to blend into mainstream fashion, you’d probably go for an Elvish gown. They’re intricate, flowing, and regal. A Ringwraith style hood would most likely be near the bottom of your list. ODD Style sees the clothing of Middle Earth differently though; they’ve released images for a new collection inspired by Wraith attire.

The rough fabric, the hood, and the way the sleeves hang match the spooky Wraith look. Even though it looks like it will keep you warm, it’s chilling. The design somehow captures the cold and menacing nature of the Wraiths, and it also makes me think of Dementors.

No information on how you can get items from this new collection yet, but we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything.

Check out the hood from all angles after the break.

(ODD-Style via iGeektrooper)


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