This ‘Legend Of Zelda’ Link Cosplay Hoodie Is The Real Deal


If you’ve ever wanted to look like your favorite pointy-eared time-traveling hero, you can probably get a fluffy white dressing gown from Bed Bath & Beyond that’ll make you look a passable Voyage Home era Spock. But we suggest this awesome Legend of Zelda hoodie.

This gorgeous cosplay hoodie from Merchoid will make you look just like Link would if, y’know, he wore a hoodie. Which is almost does. If that bloody hat were just sown to the back of his damned tunic. Speaking of backs, this hoodie features a fabric replica of the Hylian shield on the back. Perfect for deflecting rear-facing Octoroc attacks. Or, more likely, just looking dope and/or fly from all angles.

More pics below.

zeldahoodie-00 zeldahoodie-01

Product Page ($54.99)

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