This ‘Star Wars’ Kimono Cardigan Is Elegant Enough For The Discerning Jedi


When I was growing up, my mom always wanted me to make sure I had a jacket or a cardigan or whathaveyou in case I got cold. I admit, I was a rebel about it and didn’t listen much.

That said, I’d wear the heck out of this Jedi Kimono Cardigan from ThinkGeek. Unlike those scratchy wool things I had as a kid, this cardigan is made of a light, flowy wine colored material emblazoned with the Logo of the Jedi Order in black.

Do I think there’s something dark side about the color choice? Yeah, but that totally doesn’t influence my decision. Nope. Not even a little.

UPDATE: Darth Vader version added. Check it out below.



Product Pages: Jedi / Vader ($29.99)


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