Han Solo-Chewbacca Reversible Hoodie Is Perfect For Hoth

star-wars-chewbacca-han-solo-reversible-hoodie- header

It doesn’t seem like it should be possible to dress like Chewbacca and Han Solo at the same time, but this reversible hoodie lets you do it. The amazing part is that it doesn’t look ridiculous. The Chewbacca half is covered in faux fur, and his iconic bandolier is an embroidered applique. The Han Solo side is inspired by the puffy blue jacket he wore on Hoth.

This cozy jacket would probably keep you toasty enough that slicing open a tauntaun for warmth would be unnecessary.

See some close-ups of each side of this neat hoodie after the break.

Star-Wars-Han-Solo-Chewbacca-Reversible-Hoodie 1

Star-Wars-Han-Solo-Chewbacca-Reversible-Hoodie 4

Star-Wars-Han-Solo-Chewbacca-Reversible-Hoodie 2

Star-Wars-Han-Solo-Chewbacca-Reversible-Hoodie 3

Product Page ($109 via Geek Alerts)


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