Let’s Bring Back Capes And Cloaks With This Galactic Scavenger Design

Cloaks and capes are making a comeback! The Galactic Scavenger Hooded Cape certainly has us sold on the idea. It’s made of charcoal grey and black acrylic/poly yarn that is supposedly “super soft”. It also features an interior pocket that should be perfect for lightsabers, hidden daggers and even your smartphone.

Look at this detail! I found these precious coconut buttons and fell in love! I also had a meeting with my factory today and it's looking like we might need to cut off orders for SDCC/D23 on this cape. So, I will know for sure next week, but it looks like if you don't order before June 1st then you order will not ship in time for those cons! And as a general recommendation for anything on the site, if you NEED it for a con, leave us a note in the memo at checkout! We want to always make sure you get your pieces in time if possible, so if you're planning this to go with a cosplay or bound for an event, you can always share that with us and we will do everything in our power to make it happen!! 😀 #cape #knit #madeinla #lukeskywalker #jedi #thelastjedi #starwars #starwarsfashion #forceawakens #rey #disney #disneybound #geekbound #geekfashion #fangirl

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The Galactic Scavenger Hooded Cape is available to pre-order now for $80 with shipment slated for late June/Early July.


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