This ‘Fallout 4’ Ladies Angl Hoodie Offers +1 To Charisma, No Rad Protection


Maybe it’s unfair to say that women get all the cool clothes. Sure, they get a greater variety of snazzy ensembles but, sadly, there seems to be a lot of pressure for women to look 1,000% marvelous all the time. Well, that’s society for you. Blow it all up and start over, that’s what I say.

And speaking of blasting civilization from the surface of the planet, check out this gorgeous Fallout Ladies Angl Hoodie. Sporting the recognizable blue and yellow of the Vault-Tec jumpsuit and emblazened with the designation of Vault 111 – the Vault your character originates from in Fallout 4 (sort of) this officially-licensed hoodie features a hood which doubles as a cowl neck, and a headphone feed in both pockets, so lefties and righties can have the wire running up through the hoodie and have immediate access to their Zune.


How many caps will this snazzy little number set you back? No idea – I’m not sure what the dollars to caps exchange rate is – but it’s $59.99 in American dollary-dos. Check out some more product photos below. Y’know, in case the mere concept of an awesome Fallout hoodie isn’t enough to make you part ways with your pre-war money.




Product Page ($59.99)


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