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Custom Sweaters Make Your Drone Feel Stylish


If you demand that your drone perform its aerial photography duties in the most stylish way possible, consider the new series of custom drone sweaters by San Francisco creative director Danielle Baskin. Yes, this is real.

The sweaters supposedly protect your drone from frigid winter temperatures, Plus, they make it feel stylish:

How warm your drone is able to physically keep themselves may depend on their model, size and even age, but if they just don’t have a heavy plastic coating, there is only so much charging they can do to conserve heat. Smaller, lightweight models, toy models, and models that naturally have very thin plastic coats benefit from a warm drone sweater for when they need to go outside, or for just hanging around the house. A sweater can make a significant difference in your drone’s feeling of well-being.

Interested parties can get the ball rolling on their own custom-tailored drone sweater by filling out the contact form on the Drone Sweaters website. However, the process does appear to require a visit to their San Francisco studio. That’s a lot of trouble and expense to endure, so I would say that only fantastical and experienced pilots need apply. It would truly be a shame to watch that drone you got for Christmas, outfitted in a snazzy sweater, sail over the trees never to be seen again.




Drone Sweaters ($189)

(via Laughing Squid)


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