Doctor Who Ugly Christmas Sweater Tells The Truth About Santa

doctor who xmas sweater

Once I got into Doctor Who, I finally understood how it was that Santa got around the entire world to deliver presents in one night: he borrowed the TARDIS. Duh. Etsy seller Elves Gone Wild put that theory on a fanastically tacky and geeky sweater for all to see. The sweater even comes with a bow tie!

The best part about this loud sweater is that it comes in different colors and styles. Each sweater will be one of a kind, and you can customize it further by swapping out Santa for a Dalek. Or you can have both! It might be too late for this Christmas, but you can order one now and be prepared for next year’s ugly sweater party well in advance.

See another color option after the break.

doctor who xmas sweater 2

Product Page ($49.50 via Geekosystem)


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