This Hoodie Is Also A Fully Functioning Back Massager

aria hoodie

If there was ever a fashion option designed specifically for programmers, this would be it.

Indeed, Aria Wear has created a hoodie that can give you a massage when you sit down. We’re talking massages while your coding! Massages while you’re commuting! Massages while your napping on your computer while commuting!

Naturally, the hoodie massage functions can be controlled via a smartphone app, so you don’t have to worry about any cords or unwieldy controllers.

No pricing information has been released thus far, but Aria insists that the hoodie will be affordable, stating that it will be “less than half the price of a smartphone”. The design has also passed the prototyping stages and should be available sometime in the coming months.

Keep tabs on the Aria Wear website for more info.

(via Fast Company)


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