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This Top Hat Has Brains


Some mad genius invented a steampunk top hat with a second brain that I’m guessing you can use as secondary storage. That’s where I would put all of the non-vital information and useless facts that squeeze out all of the important things in my main brain.

Like I started watching The Man In The High Castle the other day and recognized Allan Havey in the Episode “Sunrise” as a dude who use to have a talk show called “Night After Night” on Comedy Central in the early ’90s.

Yeah, let’s zoom that info right to my tiny top hat brain. Might put an embarrassing memory or two in there just so I can forget about it whenever the hat is off.

Check out more pics below.


FOR SCIENCE!!! *lightning strike* A hat perfect for any mad Steampunk beauty! This is a Mad Scientist Steampunk top hat designed and handmade by me. It is made of a clear, 20 gauge vinyl jar with a clear murky green plastic sheeting constructed to look like specimen preserving liquid (The hat does not actually contain liquid). Inside the jar is a lightweight foam brain handmade by me. The jar is held into place with dark silver metallic tafetta covered interfacing base and top, embellished with gunmetal rivet studs. Each rivet has been pierced through the fabric and interfacing, and secured in the back. The jar is further embellished with a genuine lightweight metal faucet knob and a handmade clear vinyl and clear green plastic tube with a metal valve finding discreetly hand sewn to the hat. The piece secures with a black elastic hat band that has been hand sewn to the underside.

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