These Star Wars Football Helmets Are Perfect For The GFL/RFL Championship

Coruscant Vaders

Star Wars football helmets by John Raya have me wishing for the Galactic Football League vs the Republic Football League match ups.

Can you imagine the Twi’lek cheerleaders? And the halftime shows?

Check out more pictures after the break.


Coruscant Jedis

dagobah yodas

dathomir rancors

dxun mandalorians

Endor Ewoks

Hoth taun tauns

hoth wampas

kashyyyk wookies

mos eisley troopers

raxus prime jawas

ryloth interceptors

Ryloth Twi'leks

Yavin 4 Wings

ylesia reeks


You can see the rest at John’s Behance gallery.

(via Buzzfeed)


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