The Jayne Hat Phenomenon

My favorite part of the Firefly episode The Message is when Jayne opens the package from Ma Cobb. You just don’t picture tough guy Jayne as the type to be excited by a package and letter from his ma. He is obviously happy to get his handmade cunning hat though. The general Browncoat fandom was happy about the hat too. It didn’t take long for reproductions to appear at conventions. You’d see an occasional red, yellow, and orange head while wading through the convention floor. Then vendors offered them for sale in varying degrees of accuracy. And now you can purchase the hat or patterns all over the internet. I even saw a Jayne hat at Disneyland last month. Disneyland!

I love that geek culture has embraced something that is so utterly… bright. The garishness adds a certain loveable quality. If my mom knitted, I have a hunch she would design something similar. It would probably even have sparkles. Jayne’s cunning hat means more than just expressing love for Serenity. It’s a symbol for geek unity.

We have taken the colors and run with it too. I found these Jayne hat creations on Etsy:

The Classic Cunning Hat – Start with the classic cunning hat. It’s close to the hat that appeared in the show, and it even comes with a letter from Ma Cobb.

Mini Jayne Cobb hat bun covers – This is the easiest way to add a little Jayne to your Kaylee cosplay.

Jayne Hat Coffee Cozy – This is a cute way to keep from scalding your hands on a coffee cup. Keep in mind that Jayne would probably make fun of you for drinking a frou-frou drink from the local coffee shop.

Jayne Hat Keychain – If you put this tiny hat on one of your action figures instead of your key ring, I certainly won’t make fun of you.

Do you have a Jayne hat?

This article was reprinted from Geek With Curves, a blog written by our own Amy Ratcliffe.


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