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Single Character Wears All The Hats In Team Fortress 2

every_hat_in_tf2_by_ashleylange-d6n3p45 (1)

Team Fortess 2 has somewhere around 380 hats available. Different classes have different hats and you can craft them, get them from promotions, or trade with other players. Most of the hats can be painted in different colors. The point is the game has a hat fetish. Artist Ashley Lange decided to create one character wearing all of the hats at once. The pile of lids goes on and on, high up into the sky, and I imagine Lange never wants to see another one again. She worked on the image for over 50 hours. Can you identify all the hats?

Visit Ashley Lange’s DeviantArt page to see the entire massive image.

(via Kotaku)


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