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Hats Made From Kimono Fabric Are An Awesomely Unexpected Thing


Kimonos! While many of you will think of them as that thing Dr. Kelso from Scrubs wore after having sex with his mistress, (Great job on the timely reference there, Ben – Ed.) they are in fact a traditional Japanese garment with a long and storied history, from the Iromuji worn during tea ceremonies, to the Susohiki worn by geisha and dancers.

Now they’re hats. Yeah. Take that, tradition.

A Japanese company called W@nderFabric has announced a range of baseball caps made from fabrics traditionally used for vintage kimono and obi sashes. There are over 100 designs, most of which are produced in limited numbers, and now you can buy them from their online store.

They don’t come cheap though, with prices ranging from 8,190 yen (approx. $72 USD) to 10,290 (approx $92 USD). Ouch, my wallet. Even if I was willing to pay, the fact is that they’re only available in Japan—but W@nderFabric is looking for overseas companies interested in distributing the hats. Until then, though, you’ll have to get that One Guy You Know to forward the hats on to you, just like my sister in England has me do with Kevin Smith’s coffee.

Check out some videos promoting their unique designs below.

(Via RocketNews24)


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