These Magical Scarves Are Majestic As Hell

unicorn scarf

Not sure if you can commit to that full back tattoo of a unicorn? Well now you don’t have to with these gorgeous scarves. Etsy seller VolareShop makes majestic unicorn scarves by hand. When opened across your back, the 5′ x 8″ wing span can be displayed in all its glory.

And amazing as this print is, the shop also offers scarves with images of a phoenix, Maleficent, and even a Hippogriff.

Click below to see more incredible wings.



This scarf needs to be flying on your back while you peel out on a motorcycle, but maybe leave the cut-offs at home.


I’m suddenly taken back to the county fair circa 1990 while getting my first air-brushed tee. Whatever, this scarf is awesome!


Dark and mysterious, the Maleficent wings will match everything in my closet.


Make sure you bow before approaching.


And if wings aren’t your thing, this Pikachu scarf is mega adorable. Go catch all the designs!

Product Page ($34.99)


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