These Handmade Cosplay Dresses Look Amazing And Comfortable

cosplay dress phoenix

Everyday cosplay outfits are a brilliant idea, but many of them seem to be drifting into the tight and spandex category. If I’m going to be wearing a dress all day at a convention, I want to feel cozy instead of constricted. Etsy seller Unnatural Redhead appears to be offering dresses that fit that specification. She makes t-shirt cosplay dresses from cotton jersey. Genius. The Dark Phoenix design featured above is trimmed with spandex and the hip sash is attached. I love that.

Each dress is made to order; you just need to provide detailed measurements. Turnaround time is about two weeks.

See Batwoman and Harley Quinn designs after the break.

cosplay dress batwoman

cosplay dress harley quinn

Product Page ($75)


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