Stan Winston Studios’ Giant Robot Befriends Little Girl At SDCC [Video]

zoe mech sdcc

So yesterday, we wrote on Nerd Approved about Wired And Adam Savage unveiling a 9 foot robot at SDCC that was built by the amazing people over at Stan Winston Studios.

Well, it seems he’s been out doing meet and greets. This is video of him talking to a little girl named Zoe (and, man, does she look little next to him) during the con. Zoe look equal parts amazed and scared, which is pretty much what I’d be if I was her size.

One other fun note. Someone in their YouTube channel comments mentioned that the mech looked a bit like a Predator and, according to Matt at SWS, that’s deliberate.

In addition to the dreads, there’s a few other nods to famous SWS and Legacy Effects characters incorporated into the design. See if you can figure them out… -Matt

Check it out after the break.


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