My 5 Favorite Star Wars Custom Helmets For The Make-A-Wish Auction [SWCVI]

The As You Wish Charity project was an exhibit at Star Wars Celebration VI that I knew I couldn’t miss. Four long tables were covered with lines of customized helmets created by a variety of artists for charity. Some had simple but beautiful themes, some helmets had the mash-up factor, and some were insanely detailed. I oohed and aahed over most of them, but it was relatively easy for me to pick five favorite designs.

These caught my eye because of the paint jobs, the subjects, and just because they looked terrific. The Game of Clones helmet is featured above, and I also adored an Ahsoka design, an homage to the Holiday Special, a wonderful Mayan design by WETA, and a nod to Endor.

See the rest of my favorites after the break.

If any of these helmets really strike your fancy, you can go bid on them right now until September 1.


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