Learn How To Make A Fantastic Groot Costume For $60 [Cosplay]


Guardians of the Galaxy was a serious summer hit, and it seems like all of the film’s characters, especially the oh-so-lovable Groot, have really struck a chord with cosplayers. Speaking of which, Reddit user Tylernator wanted to make a Groot costume for himself, but he had a pretty strict budget. So, the clever cosplayer was actually able to improvise a pretty fantastic costume for only $62. As you know, cosplaying can be an expensive passion, so I’m pretty impressed with Tylernator’s results.

Check out a breakdown of the budget and some more pics after the break…

Here’s his final budget:

Bags, bars and twigs: No cost
Hot Glue:$10
Repurposed hoodie from Goodwill:$3
Preserved Moss:$3
Paints: Roughly $30

(via The Nerdist)


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