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Ladies, Prepare For Battle With Medieval Weapon Hair Sticks

Medieval Weapon Hair Sticks

One can never be too prepared for a spontaneous medieval battle. Protect yourself and those you love with these single bladed battle axe chopsticks, ready to be whipped from your lovely locks to taste the blood of thine enemy. *fist in air*

The dangerous devices of hair styling are actually made from 3D printed PLA plastic then mounted on 8″ solid oak shafts. Pieces are then hand painted, stained, and assembled.

I’ve never thought about flesh-wounding hair sticks before, but now I can’t live without them. Check out more weapon styles after the break.

Medieval Weapon Hair Sticks

Medieval Weapon Hair Sticks

And if you are a fair maiden who requires more than just battle axes and war hammers, then you only need to ask. Etsy shop Reaction Designs explains:

“While only three weapons are pictured, customized options are available upon request. So if you want maces, pickaxes, long swords, great swords, spears, arrows, or any other weapon you can think of (including any and all weapons from Games, TV, or Movies) or wish to request a custom paint job, simply contact me directly to begin a custom project.”

I’m thinking I’d look best with a pair of boomsticks. Ya know, something that says “I’m approachable, unless you’re a Deadite.”

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