Keep Your Legs Toasty With Swants Sweater Pants

sweater pants top

Cozy sweaters are one of my favorite things about cold weather. They make you feel enveloped in warmness. Steven May thinks your legs and butt should get to share in the joy your arms and torso get from sweaters so he’s come up with swants. Sweater pants! Sure, they may look a little silly but how many of us wear tights with character faces all over them? This isn’t so different. I bet this guy can’t wait to make a pair to match his cat sweater.

See more photos of this spectacular creation after the break.

sweater pants 1

sweater pants 2

sweater pants 4

May provides a step by step tutorial on turning woolly sweaters into pants. Thrift stores are a great place to begin so that you don’t invest too much money before you get swant-making down to a science. I’m tempted to make these for everyone on my Christmas list.

(Thread Party via Makezine)


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