Forget Jayne Hats, This “Firefly” Fan Does One Better With a Jane Hat


Last week, Fox once again set the Browncoats of the world into a tizzy when it sent out cease and desist letters to Etsy sellers making Jayne hats after they licensed the product officially. ThinkGeek began selling the official Jayne hats but, in response to fans, chose to donate all proceeds to the Can’t Stop the Serenity charity. End of story? Not quite.

One very witty Firefly fan is crocheting a special Jane hat. This is not a Jayne hat, but a Jane hat and it has it’s own backstory involving a man in a brown coat and an evil fox. The story is awesome and you can and should read the entire thing over at CraftOtaku’s Etsy site. It just may be the best legend in the ‘Verse.

(via io9)


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