Custom BioShock 2 Big Sister Costume For Sale [Cosplay]

Not to be outdone by this awesome Big Daddy costume, one Etsy seller crafted his own Big Sister costume and is selling the final product for $600.

Alright here it is, a custom made Big Sister costume from Bioshock 2. Detailed is an understatement as it was created from the ground up and took around 8 months to complete. It is covered in references to the Bioshock series such as WYK (would you kindly) and “Property of rapture” engraved and painted on many of the pieces. Art deco themed detailing on the boots and some other areas helps add to the detail.

The main body is real leather with custom leather straps, metal buckles, rivet and sewn construction. The Helmet is a combination of fiberglass, kevlar, metals, and has a plexiglass front “window” with red LEDs to make it glow. The Chest plate is a combo of plastics, metals, foam, and more. The arm “spike” is real chrome plated metal with a glass tube to keep the Adam in. Custom leg braces are only on the outside of the leg to not inhibit walking and movement like actual leg braces do. These were also custom made.

Product Page ($600 via Obvious Winner)


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