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Birthday Star Wars Heels Are a Surprise In More Ways Than One

Last month we posted about a beautiful pair of Star Wars heels that one of our readers got for her birthday. Guess what? We totally lied. The shoes were all part of a surprise that Fashionably Geek reader Chris T. staged for his girlfriend, Alison. They both read the site regularly and he hatched a plan to make the heels part of the surprise.

Read the full story and see pictures of Alison’s reaction after the break…

Awhile back I saw these awesome DIY comic book heels on Fashionably Geek, a website I read everyday thanks in part to dating a nerd of equal class. Alison and I have been dating for roughly 7 months. We met each other randomly through similar hobbies and interest, and after learning how much alike we were, we then found out we had the same birthday, 9/14. I really wanted to do something special, something creative for her. When it comes to Stars, I go Gate, she goes Wars. I thought, what about custom Star Wars heels. I’ve never decoupage but that wouldn’t stop me from spending over 16 hours on shoes and box. I went to a local comic shop, picked up the Star Wars Omnibus which contains all the movies in comic form and spent hours cutting and organizing. One heel would be the Force, the other, the Dark Side.

As I got closer to finishing, I really wanted her to see them. I reached out to Sean at Fashionably Geek who was awesome in helping out. We decided we would post the finished versions with a fake story about another reader receiving them. Once posted, Alison’s friend Jason would share the link via facebook. They actually do this regularly with anything Star Wars so it would seem natural. On 9/12 they were posted with Jason’s comment “you know you want these…”.

And then nothing. No comment, no “like”, nothing. I was getting concerned so I risked commenting with something silly just to draw her attention. Still, nothing. So it’s Friday morning, our birthday, and we’re getting ready for the day. It’s Alison, her friend Jason and me. By chance I’m talking about a bundle of comics I picked up for cheap and was excited about some of the random older issues, including some early 70’s Star Trek and 80’s Star Wars. Alison out of nowhere says “Oh you can save those and make me those heels!” I asked what she was talking about and she referenced the Fashionably Geek post. Win. I said no way, I don’t know how to do that. She then went on about how that guy showed up everyone else and finished with “that’s what I call commitment”. I couldn’t be happier. Alison left to go finish her makeup and Jason and I just laughed.

I think the photos explain themselves. She didn’t see this coming and it was an amazing moment.

In turn, Alison surprised me with a superhero themed party at my favorite pinball arcade! All together, this was the best birthday ever.

Thanks Sean and Fashionably Geek!

Thank you, Chris, for letting us be a part of the surprise!


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