Adorable Custom Cosplay Pinafores

I like cooking and usually have fun chopping vegetables but wearing a geeky apron makes the task a thousand times more fun—and since these are pinafores, they can be worn over a dress or as a cosplay outfit. Etsy seller Darling Army has a plethora of designs available for all sorts of flavors of nerd. If you like Doctor Who, there’s a TARDIS pinafore. If you’re more of a gamer, pick from a Super Mario Bros. piranha plant design or a Zelda look. She’s got you covered if you’re more into anime or cartoons like Adventure Time, too.

The aprons/pinafores are made to order and are generally one size fits all. They take approximately 2-4 weeks to sew, and they would make fantastic gifts for friends or for yourself.

See more creative apron designs after the break.

Product Page ($65 and up)


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