A Beautiful Doctor Who Inspired Wedding


It seems like one of the dangers of planning a themed wedding is going overboard. Being swept away to the point where you lose track of the details has to be a challenge. Candice Benjamin and Kiera (of Jakfoto Films) got it absolutely right though. They both love Doctor Who, and they found ways to incorporate it into their wedding to make them happy without leaving guests in the dark. They managed to add touches that were both integral and subtle.

The backdrop for the “altar” resembles a TARDIS, the officiant wore a Fourth Doctor scarf, the cake featured Van Gogh’s Starry, Starry night, and the decorations were whimsical and fit right in with the series. They did an amazing job.

See more  enchanting images after the break.



doctor who wedding lg






Even more pictures at the link below!

(Candice Benjamin via WGW)

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