There Are So Many Wonderful Wonder Woman Fashions Out Right Now

There has never been a better time for Wonder Woman fashions. With the movie premiere just around the corner, let’s take a moment to examine some of the best clothing and accessories that have been released in the last few months.

The Wonder Woman fashion collection designed by Her Universe just went live at Hot Topic, Torrid and

This Wonder Woman bomber jacket has so many pockets you might not even need a purse. However, if you want to complete the look, the Lasso of Truth purse would do the job nicely.

Her Universe recently launched an official DC line at Kohls that features Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman inspired designs.

The Wonder Woman Amazon Princess Handbag looks like it was made out of Wonder Woman’s costume. Clearly, you can’t carry your stuff around without it.

Workout like a warrior with the Wonder Woman Caged-Back Sports Bra.

This Wonder Woman cardigan is pretty in pastels.

A Wonder Woman shield crossbody bag worthy of an Amazon warrior.

Don’t forget that DC Comics will be distributing these Wonder Woman tiaras and bracelets to qualifying comic shops on Wonder Woman Day June 3rd.

UPDATE: I just discovered THESE!

These Wonder Woman 3-Piece Cosplay Wedge Boots can be worn for cosplay or casual looks.


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