This Tardis Noir Dress Combines Classic Who And Victorian Steampunk

tardis noir

For those of you with a love for all things Doctor Who and Victorian/Steampunk, check out this beautiful Tardis Noir dress that features the original TARDIS console.

The dress consists of three pieces: Steel boned bodice, an underskirt, and a bustled overskirt/apron drape. It can be made in either cotton or satin and comes in either black and white (like the first seasons of the classic series) or the traditional TARDIS blue.

It’s made to order and fully custom sized to your measurements. Tracy Michelle also offers Renaissance style TARDIS and Dalek versions.

Head after the break to see more pictures.

tardis noir 2

tardis noir 4

tardis noir 3

tardis noir 5

Product Page $580 (cotton) $625 (satin)


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