Using A Nintendo Power Glove To Make Stop-Motion Films Is So Bad [Video]


The Nintendo Power Glove came out back in 1989 and, although was a cool idea, it was also complete flop. Still, it has not been forgotten even after all these years. In fact, one glove recently got a new life thanks to animator Dillon Markey who uses the glove as a stop-motion animator on projects like Robot Chicken and PES.

He worked with an electrical engineer to modify the device so that it now works with his stop-motion software via Bluetooth. Not only does it let him more easily calibrate where things should be for each shot, but they added gadgets to the glove like tweezers and sensors that emit the perfect (NSFW) phrase if you do a fist bump.

See more pictures and the video after the break.



(via Colossal)


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