This $900,000 Kickstarter Aims To Build Sensory Suits For Gamers [Video]


The most feedback a gamer gets right now is a vibrating controller, but the guys at ARAIG (As Real As It Gets) hope to change that with their new multi-sensory feedback suit. They’ve launched a kickstarter with a lofty $900,000 goal that will allow them to fully develop their product with the first units shipping in December of 2014.

The suit is made of hardware decoder, undersuit and exoskeleton layers that will provide feedback based on what’s happening to a player in-game. Whether you’ve been shot or blown through a wall the suit will let you feel what’s happening on the screen. It’s also got built in surround sound speakers to complete the experience.

See the kickstarter video after the break…

You can help fund the kickstarter now, with pledges of $325 and up putting you first in line to get one of these amazing suits.

(PC Gamer via Kotaku)


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