The X-Men In High Fashion Designs

x-men high fashion 1

New York Fashion Week just happened and London Fashion Week is still going on. It’s a tiny stretch, but it seems to me like comic publishers should take a chance and showcase superhero designs one of these years. The outfits of heroes and villains are usually memorable and occasionally stunning. Artist Kevin Wada recognizes that, but instead of leaving them in their spandex, he’s put superheroes into his own stylish designs. His X-Men high fashion collection shows them at their finest.

Imagine Cyclops in a square shouldered, bright blue blazer or Psylocke in a butterfly puff skirt. As evidenced by the above illustration, it sort of works.

See more after the break – including Wolverine in Dolce and Gabbana.

x-men high fashion 2

x-men high fashion 3

x-men high fashion 4

x-men high fashion 5

x-men high fashion 6

x-men high fashion 7

x-men high fashion 8

(via Wired)


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