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Eye Art Inspired By Your Favorite Movies, Books And Musicals

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We’ve featured makeup artist Tal Peleg numerous times in the past, but she’s been hard at work since we last checked in.

Check out some of her recent work inspired by movies, musicals and books below.

????"My heart will be blessed with the sound of music, and I'll sing once more." . I ? Musicals.

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"Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." ???? "The princess bride". Such a beautiful and nostalgic movie ? ~~~ PRODUCT LIST Lid: Mix of @colourprevails Ball gown and tweed eyeshadows  Crease: @katvondbeauty Leatus and Lucius Inigo Montoya: Monaco watercolors, Vest – @colourprevails tweed. Shirt – @colourprevails Stone and Fossil eyeshadows ?Eyebrow: @mehronmakeup watercolor ?Under the eyebrow: @sugarpill Goldilux, Monaco watercolor, Unbranded golden chunky glitters.?Sword: Handle: @sugarpill Goldilux. blade: This was made out of special lashes by the amazing @dash_hightech_accessories they have beautiful and unique artistic lashes! ?Mascara: @eyeko black magic?Eyeliner: @morphebrushes gel eyeliner?Falselashes: @lashesinabox n.11?Lower false lashes: @redcherrylashes flare short

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???? The snow glows white on the mountain tonight Not a footprint to be seen. A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I'm the Queen… . Disney's "Frozen" ? . ~~~ PRODUCT LIST ???? ?Eyelid and inner corner: @suvabeauty Hydra cream base in satire, bank. @starcrushedminerals beach house blues, @concreteminerals Domino,  @katvondbeauty skulls and synth ?Mountains Background: @concreteminerals Domino, @suvabeauty hydra eyeliner, Snow queen, @katvond dark wave, skulls. Monaco 113 and 81 eyeshadows. ?Elsa: Monaco watercolors and 81+83 eyeshadows. ?Eyebrow: @suvabeauty Snow queen, coarse salt. ?Eyeliner: #suvabeauty cream base Bank covered with coarse salt. ?Lower lashes: Mehron watercolor, coarse salt.?Waterline: @ofracosmeticsisrael white rabbit eyeliner gel topped with Monaco 83 eyeshadow. ?Lower lash line: Kat Von D black metal.?False lashes: @lashesinabox n.11

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This one is inspired by the fairytale "The wild swans" by Hans Christian Andersen. ? Princess Elisa is hugging her cursed brother. Their witch stepmother has turned him and her other 10 stepsons into swans, and only Elisa can break the spell and save them, but it's not going to be easy…???? . Somehow, it's not a very well-known fairytale, but it's really beautiful.???? PRODUCT LIST Swan: @mehronmakeup white watercolor, @sugarpill Ice angel, @katvondbeauty skulls, @litcosmetics Hello sunshine and Tinsel town glitter ?Princess: base- Monaco and Mehron watercolors. ?Crown and gold on ?hair: Sugarpill goldilux Dress: Kat Von D hyperballad, Sugarpill tako?Background: Sugarpill poisonplum, mochi?Lower lash line: @colourpopcosmetics dare, pop rocks, Kimono?Eyeliner: @eyeko Skinny liquid eyeliner?Waterline: @ofracosmeticsisrael white rabbit gel eyeliner?Eyebrow: Monaco watercolor?Mascara: Eyeko black magic?False lashes: @lashesinabox no.11

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