Storybook Cosmetics Teases Star Wars, GoT And Doctor Who Brush Designs

Last year Storybook Cosmetics burst onto the scene with their wands brush set and magical eyeshadow palette. Those items proved so popular that they began shifting gears into licensed brush designs, and they hit the ground running with a rough concept for a lightsaber set. Well, it appears that we have an update on that front (pictured above), along with two new concept designs that would undoubtedly make Game of Thrones and Doctor Who fans very happy.

This particular design is based on the Third Doctor’s Sonic. Presumably the set would include the popular versions used by more recent Doctors.

Storybook Cosmetics is currently in licensing talks to produce official versions of these brushes somewhere down the line, so fingers crossed that they can work out the deals.

(via Storybook Cosmetics on Instagram)

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