Six Outfits Matt Smith Almost Wore As The 11th Doctor

11th doctor outfit 1

An important part of the new Doctor ritual is choosing the look; it happens off camera as well as on camera. I’ll never forget the scene in “The Eleventh Hour” when Matt Smith faces off against the Atraxi and settles on his signature bow tie. But what if bow ties weren’t cool?

These pictures give us a peek into the wardrobe department on the day Matt Smith tried on six different outfits before deciding on the one we know and love. They run the gamut from too eccentric to preppy to vaguely Sherlock-y. I for one am glad he chose the bow tie and suspenders.

Which look do you like best? Let us know in the comments.

The rest of the options are after the break.

11th doctor outfit 2

11th doctor outfit 3

11th doctor outfit 4

11th doctor outfit 5

11th doctor outfit 6

11th doctor outfit 7

(Tumblr via via io9)


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