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Real princesses don’t need glitter. That was artist David Trumble‘s reaction when Disney gave Merida a “princess” makeover. One of the best things about the spunky character from Brave is that she broke out of the mold. She made her own decisions and gave little girls someone to look up to. So, when Disney gave her doll some glitter and the same look as all the other princesses, it wasn’t cool. That’s where this series of real life role models such as Marie Curie, Jane Goodall, Rosa Parks, and many more as Disney princesses came from. It makes a statement.

Trumble told Women You Should Know:

“This was a response to the furor kicked up over the glossy ‘princessification’ of Pixar’s Merida character, both in image and doll form. I drew this picture because I wanted to analyze how unnecessary it is to collapse a heroine into one specific mold, to give them all the same sparkly fashion, the same tiny figures, and the same homogenized plastic smile.

So that was my intent, to demonstrate how ridiculous it is to paint an entire gender of heroes with one superficial brush. “My experience of female role models both in culture and in life has shown me that there is no mold for what makes someone a role model, and the whole point of Merida was that she was a step in the right direction, providing girls with an alternative kind of princess. Then they took two steps back, and painted her with the same glossy brush as the rest. So I decided to take 10 real-life female role models, from diverse experiences and backgrounds, and filter them through the Disney princess assembly line.”

Well played, sir, well played.

Check out some of the individual designs after the break.

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