Microsoft’s High-Tech Bra Will Help Keep You On Your Diet


Microsoft is working on a bra that will help monitor how much food you’re eating and clue you in that you might be eating too much. The plan was revealed in a recent paper titled, Food and Mood: Just-In-Time Support For Emotional Eating which was written by five scientists at Microsoft Research.

The bra measures your emotional state through built-in sensors and then references your feelings while overeating in the past. If it thinks you’re about to overeat, it will send a warning to your smartphone. They’ve even conducted a study with promising results.

The women participating in the study had to remove and recharge their bras every three to four hours, in what the researchers described as a “very tedious process.” The results, which were uploaded to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, naturally, were fairly impressive: The bra could predict their emerging emotional states with roughly 75% accuracy. (The women reported their moods every hour in smartphone diaries.)

Before you think they’re unfairly targeting women with the device by choosing to work it into a bra, know there’s an actual scientific reason for the choice. It’s close to the heart and easily allows them to collect EKG data. They tried using mens’ boxers but it simply didn’t work, so they’ve still got to find a way to make this a product anyone can use.

(via Mashable)


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