“Merman Hair” Is A New Trend That’s Sweeping Instagram


It’s become more and more common to see women with multi and brightly colored hair, myself included. It’s just another way we can express ourselves and our creative sides.

Now guys are getting in on the trend, and they’re bringing their beards on board.”Merman Hair” is all about bright, bold, and multi-colored dye jobs. Incorporating a beard just makes it more intense.

I love everything about it.

See more examples after the break.

Don't be #blue here comes #coachella #weekend2

A photo posted by Fest300 (@fest300) on

oh my ???? #surfer #lukedavis

A photo posted by @imogenrichardss on

The Matty's at the beach! #beard #bluebeard #bluehair #thefelicias #themattys #hanlans #pride2015

A photo posted by Matty Leblanc (@matty1028) on

My merman co-worker Tommy ???? color retouch/bleach retouch, and a tropical ManicPanic placement to top it off ????????

A photo posted by ??Tea Miller?? (@misslate4tea) on

You can see even more great pictures under the “merman” tag on Instagram.

Top photo by clippedbymandy.

(via Elite Daily)


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