Man Gets a Tattoo To Remind Himself To Be a Good Father


When dad-to-be Nebulas Michael finished Minority Media’s Papo & Yo, he decided to commemorate it with a little more finality than most folks. He got a tattoo.

His reason?

“Papo & Yo was, as they say, a game changer for me … I am now a father myself, and I am constantly striving to be the father that they (and all children) deserve. I would like to get an arm tattoo of Monster and possibly a frog with him. I would be honored if you could share your time and art with me to serve as my reminder to be vigilant of the father I am and to be careful of addictions as they are prevalent in my family.”

There is so totally something in my eye right now. Check out an additional image after the break.

papa tattoo 2

(via Kotaku)


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