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Luke Skywalker’s Robot Hand Is Closer To Reality With The Ability For Amputees To Feel And Touch

arm prosthesis

Losing a limb or living without one isn’t like in the movies. You don’t get your hand cut off by a Sith Lord and then just have the medical bay make you a new robotic one while you wait ala Lenscrafters. We call that science fiction and we usually accept it as fiction and move on.

Well, it seems we may be closer to that fictional science than we thought possible.

The people over at DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) have taken huge strides in the study of bionics and nerve impulses. In a nutshell, their RE-NET program is geared towards giving people a sensory connection to their prosthesis. From Gizmodo:

DARPA’s RE-NET program studies the longevity and viability of brain interfaces and their accompanying peripherals. What Case Western’s FINE system does is provide direct sensory feedback by intertwining itself with what nerves are left intact. So instead of relying on visual feedback to make a prosthetic work or do what the amputee wants, FINE allows them to feel and touch their way around.

Check out the video after the break and prepare to feel that little kid in you sort of say wow.


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