Incredible Fabric Changes Color With The Wind [Video]


This gorgeous fabric never looks the same twice since it changes as wind flows over its surface. It comes from material studio The Unseen who developed a special ink that reacts to changes in the air with a fluctuating pattern of colors. Artist Lauren Bowker worked with the studio on a special collection for Swarovski called “Air” which was a part of this year’s London Fashion Week. According to My Modern Met:

The biological and chemical technology is integrated into layers of fabric and transforms its color in response to pressure change. Air’s nano compounds, inks, and dyes are capable of sensing up to seven stimuli: heat, UV, pollution, moisture, chemicals, friction, and sound. Each element has a different color-altering effect; pollution, for instance, can change between yellow to black. The result is that it translates our environment into a stunning visual representation, where a multi-faceted garment is reminiscent of an insect’s iridescent exoskeleton.

This complex process results in some truly mesmerizing clothing.

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(The Unseen via io9)


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