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Grad Student Built a Real Spidey-Sense Suit

Spidey Suit

We all know Spider-Man has impressive superpowers, and his costume is built to maximize his skills. Computer science grad student Victor Mateevitsi took inspiraton from the superhero and created a suit that embodies Spidey-Sense.

The suit, which is actually called “SpiderSense”, enables you to feel whether objects or people are close by. In other words, it allows the wearer to navigate with his or her eyes closed. Neat and useful. Here’s how it works according to

The suit is composed of small, robotic arms encased in microphone-equipped modules attached to one’s body. The mics send out and receive ultrasonic reflections from objects within one’s environment. If the ultrasound detects a person or thing moving closer to the mic, the robotic arms respond by putting pressure on the corresponding body section from wherever the “threat” is coming.

Mateevitsi thinks his design can help cyclists be more aware while navigating through traffic, and he hopes it will be helpful for visually impaired people. Spider-Man would approve.

(Discovery via TMS)


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