Gotham Fashion On The Runway [Video]

high fashion nerd 1

Geeky designs made a splash at Fashion Week. We saw beautiful Star Wars dresses from Rodarte, and it looks like The Blonds have taken inspiration from the streets of Gotham City. Some of the designs were obvious – like the Catwoman full bodysuit pictured above – and other ensembles just carried the essence of Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery. One of the most striking pieces is a white dress featuring sparkling red lips a la the Joker. The design, captioned “Why so serious?” is paired with a green wrap. The model wearing that design has some epic nail art to go with them.

All-in-all, the entire collection is a great example of how nerdery mixes with high fashion.

See more wicked styles and a video featuring the collection after the break.

high fashion nerd 2

high fashion nerd 3

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high fashion nail art

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(via CNET)


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