Game Of Thrones Season 7 Costumes Speak Volumes

HBO has released a series of bizarre promo videos featuring characters from their various properties mimicking the signature HBO hum sound. Within those videos you’ll find the cast of Game of Thrones sporting some sweet new outfits and stupid looks on their faces, you know..because of the hum sound they’re making.

Some of the outfits are already familiar—other’s not so much. All of them speak volumes about the character’s current status. Slashfilm went through the trouble of picking out all of the shots:

Bonus points for enthusiasm:

One of the more notable things to take away from these images are the fact that Jon, Bran and Sansa are wearing wolf pelts while Arya is not. She looks awesome, but what does this say about a family reunion this season?

Hodor was in there as well, we assume for the requisite “Hodor” joke. You can check out all of the videos below.


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