Female Adventurers Set The Record Straight About Heroines Who Don’t Wear Enough Clothes [Comic]


Fantasy books and stories are an escape from reality. That said, it sure would be nice if they featured more realistic portrayals of women. There have been far too many scantily clad ladies who leave tons of skin exposed to danger. In the short comic The Titular Hero by M.K. Reed and Jonathan Hill, two female adventurers lecture a shop owner about that very subject.

While shopping for sundries, they come across the book “Lady Bosoms.” The shopkeeper assures them the story is popular. The heroine of the book is dressed how’d you expect considering the title, and the actual adventurers wonder where her proper armor and gear is. It’s hilarious and all too true. Be sure to check out the rest of the story at the link below!

(Tor.com via io9)


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