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Eidos Technology May Be a Step Towards Super Hero Suits

eidos mask

Well, we’re one more step close to Iron Man technology thanks to a group of students at the Royal College of Art in London.

This is the new Eidos technology and it has been prototyped in both an audio and visual form.

The first device is a mask goes over the mouth and ears and, by using a directional mic, lets the wearer focus on what they want to listen to while masking the ambient noise. It then sends the sound vibrations through the headphones and mouthpiece to the inner ear bone which “creates the unique sensation of hearing someone talk right inside your head”.

Jasper has nothing on Eidos.

The second device enhances visual input and then sends that input to an internal computer within the mask. From there, you can look at and review that footage with several filters, one of which breaks it down as a high speed time lapse.

I’ll be honest, maybe you should watch the video. I think Eidos is cool and I get what it does, in theory, but I’m hard pressed to explain it without block quoting all sorts of stuff 😉

Check out a video after the break.

eidos 7

(Dezeen via Mashable)


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