Bizarre Jewelry Gives You Extra Ears And Fingers

If it’s attention that you crave, jewelry and nail artist Nadja Buttendorf has a project that you might be interested in. She’s been making silicone earrings and rings that attempt to duplicate the body part where they are worn.

She explained a bit of her thought process to The Creator’s Project:

“If our body [had] another physiognomy, would we look different to the world? Why not to have four ears? What would it like to have four ears? Could we listen different or even more? Why are our ears not positioned on our arms?”

She also notes that humans are slowly transitioning into cyborgs:

“Our body is the sensor to the world. We perceive information through the body and process it there, to build a common reality,” says Buttendorf. “With the FINGERring and EARring I am using jewelry as a tool to set the human body free of a normbody [sic].”

Okaaaaay, but I think the real question here is what would it be like to have 12 hands? Clearly, she’s not thinking big enough.

(via Geekologie)

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