The Scooby Gang Get A Makeover For Each Decade Of The 20th Century

Scooby Gang 10s

We’ve seen our share of period makeovers for pop culture characters (the Mike Wrobel Game Of Thrones series comes to mind), but Julia Wytrazek’s Scooby Gang series is something new. In her Behance project, Wytrazek explains that she was inspired by the changes she saw in the characters from their debut in 1969. So, she decided to draw them for every decade of the 20th century.

Keeping their original color schemes, here are her reimagined takes on Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, and Fred. I personally love Daphne in the ’90s and Velma in the ’30s.

See the rest of the series after the break.

Scooby Gang 20s

Scooby Gang 30s

Scooby Gang 40s

Scooby Gang 50s

Scooby Gang 60s

Scooby Gang 70s

Scooby Gang 80s

Scooby Gang 90s

(via io9)


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