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Young Asian Man Disguises Himself In “Unbelievable” Old Man Costume To Board Flight

There’s a joke in here about how apparently it’s not just people in the US who think they have to pretend to be Canadian to avoid a hassle when traveling, but this is a bit more meta.

An elderly caucasian male boarded an Air Canada flight to Vancouver originating in Hong Kong on October 29th and transformed into a 20-something asian man mid-flight in an act that the Canada Border Services Agency describe as an “unbelievable case of concealment.”

Check the video out after the jump.

“The passenger in question was observed at the beginning of the flight to be an elderly Caucasian male who appeared to have young looking hands. During the flight the subject attended the washroom and emerged an Asian looking male that appeared to be in his early 20s.”

“The subject initially claimed to be in possession of one bag; however, flight crew approached the BSOs with two additional pieces of luggage which were believed to belong to the subject. One bag contained the subject’s personal clothing items while the second contained a pair of gloves. The third contained a ‘disguise kit’ which consisted of a silicone type head and neck mask of an elderly Caucasian male, a brown leather cap, glasses and a thin brown cardigan.”

No details have been provided as to the specific reason why the man was in disguise, but I’ll bet that the authorities aren’t going to buy that it was a Halloween costume.

(via CNN)


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