Yes, It Is Possible To Create A Stunning Femme Ghost Rider Cosplay

ghost ride cosplay 1

Genderbending costumes has become more common over the last five or so years (as it should), but just when I think I have seen it all I spot a costume like this one: femme Ghost Rider. Holy crap, it’s fantastic. Cosplayer Holly Brooke says it’s actually an Alejandra Jones costume but she has it listed as that and lady Ghost Rider so… Either way, she has a scary makeup job and a vibrant wig (to which she added several hand-dyed extensions) and I’d probably back away from her slowly if I ran into her on the streets. She looks fierce.

Photos by Lucky Monkey Photography.

More pictures after the break.

ghost ride cosplay 2

ghost ride cosplay 3

ghost ride cosplay 4

(via GxG)


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